JailedMC - Season 2 Information
5 months ago

Hello fellow inmates of JailedMC. At the time of writing this, the server has officially been out for 1 month. Throughout this one month period, we had to change a lot of aspests of the server for the better. With that being said, the Administrative team at JailedMC would like to announce Season 2 of JailedMC. 

Season 2 will include multiple elements that you have yet to see on the server, such as:
- Pickpocketing (Chance to take items from other players)
- BackPacks
- Money Printers
- Custom Enchant Supplier
- Enhanced cell system
- Rework of the prison map
- Additional features (We don't want to spoil everything)

With that being said, please leave your feedback in regards to...

Grand Opening: Welcome All!
6 months ago

Welcome all to JailedMC,

My name is Kyle and I will be your community manager and staff lead here on the server. JailedMC is a classic non-op prison server, the way prison was meant to be played. Over the couse of the last month, the administrative team has been working to create the best grand opening (beta) possible. With that being said, I would like to give you the jist of what JailedMC is about.

JailedMC is a prison, a prison where money matters. When you first join, you will be in the general population, this houses ranks G, F, and E. You advanced through the ranks by mining and/or doing quests. Quests are located throughout the map and there may even be a secret market located in General Population to get you so...

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