Grand Opening: Welcome All!
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02 Jul 2020

Welcome all to JailedMC,

My name is Kyle and I will be your community manager and staff lead here on the server. JailedMC is a classic non-op prison server, the way prison was meant to be played. Over the couse of the last month, the administrative team has been working to create the best grand opening (beta) possible. With that being said, I would like to give you the jist of what JailedMC is about.

JailedMC is a prison, a prison where money matters. When you first join, you will be in the general population, this houses ranks G, F, and E. You advanced through the ranks by mining and/or doing quests. Quests are located throughout the map and there may even be a secret market located in General Population to get you some extra supplies along the way... who knows. The PvP level is high in General Populaion, so guards are your best friend. Once you achieve the rank of D, you are now in the Phychiatric Ward. 

The Phychiatric Ward houses ranks D, C, and B. It has a medium PvP level so PvP should be less abundant. With being in a better ward, comes better mines, more quests, and you now have access to the yard - an area with quests but large amounts of PvP.

A ward is the highest level rank and mine on the server. It has low levels of PvP and a very desireable mine.

If you need any more help, please visit the "Help" NPC in spawn


We are currently having a 25% off sale on the store, so if you are interested in purchasing a rank now if the time to do so!


Also, we are currently looking for guards. If you are interested, apply in the applications tab on the website!


I can't wait to see you online!


Server store: https://jailedmc.tebex.io/

Server website: http://jailedmc.namelesshosting.com/





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